Shearwal V3.2.4

Shearwal aids engineers in analyzing post-tensioned or mild-reinforced shear wall sections subject to a combination of vertical loads and lateral wind and/or seismic loads with optional earth pressure load.

All standard load cases can be checked by selecting one of IBC 2012 through IBC 2000 codes or user-defined load cases may be used for all vertical loads and both wind and seismic lateral loads.

The wall cross section may be rectangular or rectangular with pilasters (bulbs) at either or both ends.

Ultimate flexural and shear strengths are calculated for a horizontal joint. Three methods of calculating shear at the joint are available: (1) sliding friction, (2) simplified shear friction, or (3) maximum allowable shear stress. Design (ultimate) moment is calculated using strain compatibility, with the additional option of printing the concrete and bar strains. The internal shear reinfocement requirements for the wall panel are calculated per ACI 318.