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Indeterminate beam and column analysis

The program calculates moments, shears, axial forces, deflections, and rotations for continuous, indeterminate beams or multistory columns using the direct stiffness method of analysis.

Prestressed concrete flexural member design

This highly flexible tool enables engineers to quickly and accurately design pretensioned concrete flexural members.

Concrete compression member design

Compmem analyzes rectangular, T- or flanged-shaped compression members (columns or walls) subjected to known axial forces and moments. Sections may be either prestressed or mildly reinforced.

Lateral load determination and distribution

Lateral3 is a powerful and general program for the 3-dimensional analysis of multistoried shear-wall systems subject to lateral forces.

Concrete shear wall design

This program aids engineers in analyzing mild-reinforced and post-tensioned shear wall sections subject to a combination of vertical loads and lateral wind and/or seismic loads.

Headed anchor stud design

The program calculates pullout and shear capacity of plates with headed anchor studs and hooked bolts.

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