Lateral3 V4.3.2

Lateral3 is a powerful and general program for the 3-dimensional analysis of multistoried shear-wall systems subject to lateral forces.

The program will determine the wind or seismic forces prescribed by one of the supported codes. The selection includes 2012 IBC (Wind and Seismic by ASCE 7-10), 2009 or 2006 IBC (Wind and Seismic by ASCE 7-05), 2003 IBC (Wind and Seismic by ASCE 7-02), 2000 IBC (Wind by ASCE 7-98). User-assigned lateral forces may also be used instead of a code.

The direct stiffness method of analysis is used throughout and shear deformations are considered. Shears, moments and displacements are calculated at any desired level for all walls due to wind and seismic loads (with or without an accidental eccentricity). Additionally, the cross section of selected shear walls can be changed or stopped at specified floors.

At the user's option, the program will calculate an approximate fundamental period of vibration using the code-specified equation or Rayleigh's equation. A userassigned period may be substituted for the calculation.