Beam V3.4.0

This highly flexible tool enables engineers to quickly and accurately design pretensioned concrete flexural members.

Beam conforms to ACI 318-14 -11 or -08, PCI Recommendations for Losses, and ACI 209 Recommendations for Volume Change and Deformation Calculations. Strength reduction (φ) factors for ultimate moment calculations are interpolated for sections between compression and tension controlled and for partial development. It performs a Rational Deflection Prediction and calculations for Bearing Plates and Pads. Designs in all classes U, T, and C are possible. Detailed partially cracked section properties are determined and utilized for class C designs as well as bilinear deflection calculations. Torsion design using a tube analogy or a Zia-Hsu method is included along with required suspension steel for ledges.

The program can be used to design most Double Tee, Rectangular, L- or IT- beam, hollow-core, or general shapes. It handles one or two cantilevered ends, multiple harping of strands, strand debonding, multiple layers of mild steel, changes in topping thickness and openings in the top flange. Specified loads may be uniform, partially distributed, trapezoidal, concentrated, or assigned moment envelopes. Any specified mild steel is transformed for increased section properties and strand may be transformed at the user's option.

The report shows calculated values at 20 or more points along the length of the member or an abbreviated report can be selected which shortens the printout to the minimum possible length.