Introductory offer: Competitive upgrade to Beam V3.3 for $100 for the first year.
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"What I look for in a Prestressed deck component software program are ease of use, code compliance, red flags when codes are not satisfied, an easy-to-read printout of results and service from the provider when I need it. Beam by Salmons Technologies has all those features better than other commercially available software that I have used for most of my 40+ year career as an engineer in the precast/prestressed concrete industry."

Helm Wilden
Wilden Enterprises, Inc.

Latest News
April 2019Beam V3.4.0 upgrade is available for beta testing. It includes the ACI 318-14 changes and several bug fixes.
November 2018Beta Tests of updates for all six programs are available. The primary feature under test is the new licensing that doesn't require a hardware key.
January 2016The Lateral3 V4.3.0 upgrade has been released. The new version includes 2012 IBC code for load generation.
November 2014Studs V4.3.0 upgrade has been released. The PCI 7th ed. Design Handbook, ACI 318-11 and ACI 318-08 are now available as design standards. All rental customers should install the upgrade.
September 2014A beta test for Studs V4.3.0 is available. The upgrade includes code selections for PCI 7th ed. Handbook and ACI 318-11 and -08 Appendix D.